Role of PTCC

For 37 years Toronto West Presbytery Corporation (TWPC) served the Congregations and ministries and missions in Toronto West Presbytery and South West Presbytery by providing grants, loans, or mortgages for the work of the United Church of Canada in the Presbytery, including the Jane-Finch and Davenport-Perth Community Ministries.

In November 2010, PTCC became the successor to TWPC, and engaged in a wider role under a 2010 Operating Agreement with the Presbyteries in Toronto Conference, at that time, to provide grants of income and capital for the Presbyteries work with Congregations, community ministries and for outreach as decided upon by each of the four Presbyteries.

Toronto Conference and the Presbyteries established the New Ministries Development and Leadership Fund in 2016 and entered into an MOU with PTCC to process grant requests and administer the assets transferred to PTCC of start-up capital of approximately $3 million.

In 2018 PTCC entered into an MOU with the former South West Presbytery to process grant requests and administer approximately $1.16 million of start-up capital of the Urban Forest Ministry Fund.

As well in 2018, South West Presbytery allocated funds for the continuation of PTCC funding to 2024 of the Community Ministries of Jane-Finch and Davenport-Perth.

On January 1, 2019 Shining Waters Regional Council became the successor to Toronto Conference, Living Waters Presbytery, Toronto Southeast Presbytery and South West Presbytery; and Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council became the successor to Northern Waters Presbytery.

In April 2022 Shining Waters Region and PTCC entered into an MOU to consolidate the Region's PTCC Fund, the New Ministries Development & Leadership Fund, and the Urban Forest Ministry Fund into a new Shining Waters Region Fund. with a consolidated capital value of approximately $8.0 million.

PTCC looks forward to playing an active role in the work and mission of Shining Waters Region and Western Ontario Waterways Region in the future by making grants of annual earned income and capital.

Update on Grant Applications to be submitted to the Regions:

PTCC Annual Net Revenue Grant Applications and Capital Grant Applications will be accepted by PTCC, after submission to the Region and approval by a Regional Grant Review Committee and the Regional Executive.

Applications for grants from the Shining Waters Region Fund (2022) and the Western Ontario Waterways Region's PTCC Fund and the New Ministries Development and Leadership Fund will be accepted by PTCC, after submission to the Regions and approval by the Regional Grant Review Committees and/or the Regional Executives.

PTCC is a federally registered charity – Registration No. 849019153RR0001


PTCC is managed by eight Directors.

Including the Directors, who are Members by their position, there are an additional eight Members of the Corporation for a total of sixteen (16) Members serving the Corporation.