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Presbyteries of Toronto Conference Corporation

The Presbyteries of Toronto Conference Corporation (PTCC) was established in 2010 as a charitable Ontario Corporation with a mission to serve the Presbyteries of Toronto Conference of the United Church of Canada by making capital and net revenue grants to communities of faith and charitable organizations.

After January 1, 2019, with the formation of Regional Councils, PTCC now serves the successors of the Presbyteries, namely Shining Waters Regional Council and Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council.

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of PTCC in 2020, a report was prepared to elaborate on the grants made over these years and the projects and programs undertaken by the communities of faith, Presbyteries and charitable organizations of Toronto Conference and its Founding Presbyteries: South West, Toronto Southeast, Living Waters and Northern Waters Presbyteries.

To access the PTCC 10 Year report CLICK HERE.

By the end of 2020, PTCC had approved grants in total of approximately $16.48 million, for payment into 2024 . PTCC looks forward to the future by making grants and playing an active role in the work and mission of Shining Waters Region and Western Ontario Waterways Region.

Grant Applications to be submitted to the Regions:

PTCC Annual Net Revenue Grant Applications and Capital Grant Applications will be accepted by PTCC, after submission to the Region and approval by a Regional Grant Review Committee and the Regional Executive.

Applications for grants from the Shining Waters Region Fund (2022) and the Western Ontario Waterways Region's PTCC Fund and the New Ministries Development and Leadership Fund will be accepted by PTCC, after submission to the Regions and approval by the Regional Grant Review Committees and/or the Regional Executive.

If you still have questions, please see the section "Contact Us" and e-mail or write the Corporation.

To find out more about the Corporation's current activities our "News" section of the website contains information on approval of grant applications and meeting dates.


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